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Transread is web-based cloud ePub reader. It can translate unknown words from 23 languages by tap. Transread works in any modern desktop browser and on iOS/Android tablets and phones.

How Transread works

Step 1. Create an new account

Create account with valid email address. No credit card or PayPal account is required, Transread is 100% free. — Create an new account

Step 2. Upload a book

Select a valid ePub book and upload. Edit book to set correct source language and translation one in book properties. — Upload a book

Step 3. Read and translate!

Open Transread from your iPad or Android tablet, log in and press Read. Tap unknown words to translate. — Read and translate!

23 languages, 84 directions

Transread supports 80+ directions for all major European languages. Just set book and your languages.


Should I pay something for using Transread?
No, Transread is 100% free and doesn't require credit card or PayPal account.
How many books can I upload to my account?
Unlimited. At this time we don't restrict size of your cloud book storage.
Can I read with Transread from desktop browser?
Yes. We tested Transread with latest Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
From which mobile devices can I use Transread?
Transread is best compatible with iPad Air or mini. Most of major Android-tablets with Android 4.2+ are also supported. Just ensure you have latest Apple Safari or Google Chrome installed.
Does Transread require Internet connection?
Yes. Transread is a web-based reader. To get book data or words definitions it requires active connection to our servers. However, if you already loaded a book chapter and don't request definition, you may read it offline untill you request a new one.
What about native mobile apps for iOS/Android? I want to read offline!
We are working on it. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news.